First step

First step is to take body measurement as presented on this page. You’ll have to values: B (under bust girth)  and C (under-wire size).

Note: these bras are for standard breast shape and volume. If you know to have a particular shape, bare in mind, that my bra pattern is a starting point. You will have to adapt the pattern according to your shape. Special articles on breast shapes, finding the size and the breast shape and pattern adjustments will be provided.

Second step

Second step is to look in the tables from Bra size charts these two values and find the corresponding bra size for my pattern.

Note: if you have measured in inches, please convert to cm. Google can convert this in one step, just type in the search bar “convert x inches to cm” where x in your value.

Third step

Third step is to determine your bra size. Here’s how to find your bra size:

  • find the tab that has your B measurement (under-bust girth);
  • look on that tab only; there should be a table with various wire sizes for that particular under-bust girth;
  • find the row with your C measurement (under-wire size);
  • look at that row only;
  • there are 3 bra sizes: EU, UK and US. They all apply to that particular under-bust girth and under-wire size. The complete bra size would be composed of those 3 sizes.

Let’s see how to determine your bra size on two examples.

Example 2

B = 79
C = 40

I have measured my body just like in the measurement page and I have these values:

  • B (under-bust girth) = 79 cm
  • C (underwire size) = 40

I’m looking for the tab that has my B 79 (under bust) measurement. It’s the fifth tab. Now I look on that tab only for the row with my C 40 measurement (wire size). It’s the fifth row. Looking at that row only, it states that for B79 and C40 I have the bra pattern size (EU)80D/(UK)36D/(US)36D. This is the size I’m going to search for in the available pattern files.

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