I thought I’d put together a list of possible alterations for a bra pattern. This is not a complete list, but it’s just the beginning. I hope you’ll find this useful too!

A lot of people ask what they have to alter to get the perfect fit. Can we agree that a picture with a diagram is worth a lot more than a few sentences. Besides, sometimes my English is not working. So I decided to gather a list of simple steps for possible alterations. It doesn’t mean we have to make them all on our bra patterns! The main purpose of this list is, when someone asks what do they have to try to alter on their pattern, it will be a lot easier for me to point them to “see #1 and #3” or “try to adjust like #2”. For now the list will consist of basic (common) band alterations. Later on, I’ll add more. A good idea would be to add cup alterations based on their design. This is a lot of work, it will take time.

Without further more talk, lets get straight to our business. This is what a basic bra band pattern looks like.

bra pattern adjustments

#1 – Narrow the bridge

#3 – Raise the lower edge on the bridge

New Fold Line