Every sewing pattern company uses its own method for drawing patterns. Thus, each method uses their own body measurements. Please, see bellow how to take body measurements that are used in my waist patterns. Only after you have measured the body, you can look up in the size tables and determine the best size fit.

Body measurements

body height
  • Height – measure from top point above the head to the floor. Do not wear high hills shoes.
waist hip measurements
  • Waist – The measuring tape surrounds horizontally the body in the smallest part of your torso. A lot of people measure this where pants end which can be at the belly button. This is not right! For patterns with low waist, the line is modified by the designer.
  • Hip – measure this around the fullest part of your hip/butt area.
hip height measurement
  • Hip height – having the waist and hip lines marked, measure the distance from those two.
crotch length measurement
  • Crotch length – you’ll need someone to help you with this measurement. Mark the waistline, sit down on a chair. The person who’s helping should measure from the waistline to the chair.