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Afi Chic Bra Pattern – Now available!

My dear readers and followers, can I surprise you with something I am ready to share with you? I have designed a new bra pattern. It’s called Afi Chic Bra Pattern because it is chic in every way. The pattern, instructions and the ready garment made from it. This is my first commercial pattern. I poured all my efforts and energy into creating something truly unique. This is a downloadable PDF sewing pattern.

The Afi Chic Bra is designed to have a beautiful round cup created by the two vertical seams. Since many will wonder about the coverage, this is a full cup with a high front. The frame is also a full-frame featuring a leotard back and somehow wide band. The bra is designed to use underwires for shape and support.

The Afi Chic Bra Pattern is available on Etsy as a digital product


This release is for the main sizes. We call it Package 1 Sizes. And the included sizes with it are:

  • EU 60-85 A-E
  • UK 28-38 A-DD
  • US 28-38 A-E

These sizes work with our Bra Size Calculator which calculates your size based on the measurements. See the calculators page for more info. Always use the calculator to determine your size for our patterns! Although our sizes should match most of the RTW sizing, do not rely on your good known RTW (Ready To Wear size) from lingerie stores or other patterns. Measure yourself, fill in the calculator form and know your size for OUR patterns.


The Afi Chic Bra Pattern includes 3 styles. Style 1 is a basic one. Cups are fully lined as well as the cradle. One notable feature of this style is its double backwing. Yes, doubled. But why has the main style to be so complicated? The reasoning behind this has two key points.

First, many of us can easily get hand on a lighter powernet which I call powermesh.
Heavier powernet is harder to source. One layer of the lighter powernet often does not offer much support. Double it and the band becomes wearable and comfortable. While larger cups can do the same but with doubled heavy powernet.

The second reason for the double band is that many of you know how to sew a single-layer back band. Among many goals I set for this pattern, sewing professionally a bra is one of them. Teaching you how to sew a double-layer band is part of this goal.
But don’t worry if you do not know how to sew a bra. Single-layer back is taught for Style 3.

Style 2 is more advanced, but with more delicate finishing. The cup uses foam. The neckline edge is completely hidden by the lace decoration. Also, lace decoration is used for hiding side seams.

Style 3 uses lace to cover the foam cups. The lace on the band features an asymmetrical cut. It starts from the front, almost hides the side seam, and ends elegantly on the back. Yes, you can also make the bridge from lace. I chose to model one that does not use the lace as the bridge just to give you an idea of what the pieces of this pattern are, and what you can make with them.

But this was merely a summary of the styles. For each style, the instructions show you all the interesting details and techniques used. This way you can choose more wisely which one you want to sew: because you like it, or because you want to learn new sewing techniques.

The Afi Chic Bra Pattern is available on Etsy as a digital product


But this was merely a summary of the styles. For each style, the instructions Speaking of the instructions and the package. This pattern is … well, it is very detailed. You get an introductory instruction booklet that helps you get started with bra making in general, and how to work with the pattern. It walks you through sizing, wires, printing, bra information. Then you get separate instruction PDFs for each style.

I debated for some time if instructions should be mangled together or have them separate. And the reason I went with separate files is: if it were me that used the pattern, I would choose one style and sew that up. I would like instruction to tell me what supplies are needed only for that particular style and not get lost among the lines and at some point say “oh wait, this is not needed because it’s not for my style”. I would like sewing steps to walk me from A to Z and not interrupt me with sections where notes say “for this style sew that with that”.

I apologize in advance if you wanted to save paper and have it all in one place. I know printing is not cheap. But with all the details like illustrations, and the chapters, and the techniques included at some point I thought of this pattern as a … small book. Beginners learn to sew a bra, while more advanced seamstresses can learn neat sewing techniques to make truly high-end finished bras.

The Afi Chic Bra Pattern is available on Etsy as a digital product

Key features


from other similar styles on the market in at least two ways: the curves on the cups are different (oh, by the way, the easiest curves to sew), and the band has a special shape


there will not be separate add-ons to drain your pockets; the pattern already has lace pieces + full A to Z instructions for each style and where and how the add-on pieces are used


are accompanied by an abundance of well-designed illustrations; not photos

Last but not least. This pattern was built with many personal sacrifices. I gave up all my holidays, any recreational sewing or any other activities not sewing-related. All my weekends became working days. And I’ll admit, it was a challenge to see it here available. But I do hope you will enjoy the Afi Chic Bra Pattern. We openheartedly accept feedback. But please, if you’re going to throw tomatoes (we accept those too) and before judging, please think of the tremendous work that was poured into making this. And think if you would have done it.

The Afi Chic Bra Pattern is available on Etsy as a digital product

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  1. ich würde mich über größere größen freuen! bitte weiter entwerfen, vielen dank bisher! die muster sehen super aus! gratuliere! liebe grüße

  2. This is a lovely pattern, I like the rounded cup shape very much. I have a question, I have a very small cup size (like EU 75 AAA) and most of thvolume is in the under cup. Would that bra be a suitable shape for me? I am a bit afraid that I do not have enough breast tissue to fill in the upper half of the cup.

    • Hello, Angela. Thanks for asking!

      The Afi Chic does not provide the AAAs cups. But you can use a size that would be similar in cup size. You’ll need to make the band longer. With that said, I did try my best to have the volume more to the bottom of the cup. But if you need to adjust and reduce projection, flip and align the pieces, and shave of how much you think it’s needed from the curve. You’ll see it’s very easy 🙂

      So, if you want to try it, I would start with the 65A, and make a test cup just to see the volume. When the cup is right, I would add to the back band like 4cm.

    • Hello, Susan. For the Afi Chic larger sizes are not yet available. I have the free Maya Bra pattern and it covers larger cups. Please see my Patterns page.

  3. thank you for making this, I really like what I see. I made bras for 6 yrs now so I can judge from the Pictures. I like the round shape and I especially like the placement of the straps. There is a lot of beautiful patterns but many of them are “balconette type” so the straps are uncomfortable Close to the arms and fall off the shoulders all the time. Yours look much better! I need to wait for the bigger sizes before I buy. Best of Luck!

  4. J’ai acheté le patron avec les instructions et je ne peut pas les traduire car il sont bloques par un mot de passe Que faire

  5. i wear a 38 J or K, both very hard to find commercially. is there a way to increase the size of the cup by changing the curve? also, is there boning in the cup seams? what size is that on the model?

    • Hello, Barbara. I do not recommend increasing the curves. I will be working on larger cups for a second size package.
      I have not envisioned this model to use boning in the cups. It would certainly be an interesting experiment. However, I have no idea how the bra will behave. Sideseam boning is possible though.
      The modeled bra is an EU 70 C / UK 32 C / US 32 C

  6. Will there be a “Package 2 Sizes”? Many of us ladies with larger cup sizes make our own lingerie because it is more comfortable and we can control the support.

    • Hello, Cindy! I can’t tell you a straight yes or no, or a deadline. But I can certainly say that I have started working on the bigger cup sizes

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