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Afi Chic Bra – Style 1 in detail

While I am slowly working on the next sizes I want to show you all about Style 1 of my new bra pattern. All the small things many of you might wonder.  Inside of the bra, anyone? Yes, and not just the inside. It’s Afi Chic Bra Style 1 in detail.

Afi Chic Bra - Style 1

Main Afi Chic view features a lined bra with simple cups fitted into a curvier cradle. I love bows on lingerie, I hate sewing them. It’s not hard to sew the decoration. It’s when you have to sew it. Because you sew the bow almost if not in the last step. And that is when my patience runs out. I simply want to finish the bra faster and try it on. Am I the only one in this category of people? What forces me to have that patience and sew it, is that bows, as small (and insignificant as they are) give a bra that professional finished look.

Afi Chic Bra Pattern - Style 1

The Afi Chic Bra Pattern is available on Etsy as a digital product

That’s the short deviation from the main subject. But back to the Afi Chic and Style 1. Laid on a surface, the cups distort unless you use a stable fabric.

Afi Chic Bra Pattern - Afi Atelier
Afi Chic Bra - Two vertical seam cup

But when the bra is on, the shape takes that beautiful round form due to the two vertical seams.

For some of you, the straps may look more to the center front. For others, they are more to the armpit. This is a matter of taste, and it is in fact an easy alteration if you decide to change the strap position.

Afi Chic Bra Sewing Pattern

But enough with the presentation. Show me the juicy stuff! First on the table, the cups on the inside. My bra here uses a woven fabric. I think it’s a taffeta, but I am not sure. All the seam allowances are hidden. You get no raw or unfinished edges.

Afi Chic Bra - Inside view

In fact, the only raw edges you get are where the strap joins the band on the back and the ends of the underwire casing.

Afi Chic Bra - Back wing detail
Afi Chic Bra - Underarm detail

You get beautiful finishes on any section of the bra. Under the cup, side seams, oh, oh, and the ring

Afi Chic Underwire Bra
Afi Chic - Inside bra detail
Afi Chic Sewing Pattern - Underwire casing

I value very much how a bra looks inside. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you see a garment as an item you’re going to wear and then through it away. No need to invest in having it beautifully finished. And maybe you are right!

Afi Chic - Right and wrong sides

I’m going to tell you a story dated many-many years ago when I was a child cutting through all the adventurous sewing projects. I had some interesting ideas and made some courageous garments. One day, a professional seamstress asked me about an item and the origin of the idea. And then she looked inside of my garment. I was perplexed at her expression. All my proud face changed into shame about all the raw and unfinished and overall messy inside of my garment. And from that point, I understood that it’s not enough to express an idea. It’s how you do it that makes it stand out! It’s those fiddly seams and lined cups that bring quality to your work.

Afi Chic Bra Pattern - Back detail

So, ever since I started sewing lingerie, a professional look was high on my list of priorities.

But remember you can think of quality only when you achieve the perfect fit!

Don’t waste beautiful fabrics, don’t waste your time and your energy when you are trying a new bra style or a new bra pattern. Work on the fit first, then the quality!

Afi Chic - Sewing the bra

And when you have the fit, invest in making your bra look outstanding from either side. And you can dress the mannequin in the bra turned inside out as if it’s the right side. If it wasn’t for the hook and eye, I could have fooled you this is another bra 

But this is why I wanted to create separate posts for each style, starting with the first one. To show you all the neat techniques this bra teaches you – again – when you have perfected your fit. So you can sew your own professional looking on any side bra. Just like pictured on the cover.

Afi Chic Bra - Style 1 - Cover and bra

The Afi Chic Bra Pattern is available on Etsy as a digital product

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  1. Hi there, I love the maya bra and already i think i made about 15 of them 😉
    This one is so much different, just beautiful. I hope i can test the pattern soon…

  2. I agree with you about having the inside looking beautiful!! It also helps to keep the shape of cups I think. Also no scratchiness against my body. It may take a little more time but is well worth it!!

  3. I follow your site, because of your creativity, and would also desperately love to have a great pattern for a bra for a larger woman without metal wire.

    My problem is the metal wire. Metal acts like an antenna, like it does for tv or radio, and there is so much wifi in our world today, that all of that electro magnetic radio waves are being attracted to our chests from the metal wire. I had an awful effect. Its like carrying a cell phone on your chest all day.

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