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Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern – Now available!

Well, I made a new bra pattern this time aiming at a balconette design with a flare of a pushup. I wanted a style for those special occasions to complement the beautiful gown you’re dressed in. A bra to boost your feeling that you’re exquisite underneath too. This is why the new pattern is called the Afi Exquisite bra.

Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern

I’ve been dreaming for a long time to have my own design for a delicate bra. And I finally made one. With a beautiful round cup shape and with a deep cut neckline just enough to reveal sensual curves. To support the cups, I made the band a full one having the leotard back. This bra uses underwires.

Some of you may be concerned with the wide position of the straps. And yes, I want to note this specifically. If you have narrow or sloped shoulders, this design might prove problematic. Be cautious! And I apologize for upfront if this is not for you.

The Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern Package 1 is available on Etsy as a digital product


This release is for the main sizes. We call it Package 1 Sizes. And the included sizes with it are:

  • EU 60-85 A-E
  • UK 28-38 A-DD
  • US 28-38 A-E

These sizes work with our Bra Size Calculator which calculates your size based on the measurements. See the calculators page for more info. Always use the calculator to determine your size for our patterns! Although our sizes should match most of the RTW sizing, do not rely on your good known RTW (Ready To Wear size) from lingerie stores or other patterns. Measure yourself, fill in the calculator form, and know your size for OUR patterns.

Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern cover


The Afi Exquisite bra pattern includes 1 style only. It is called the main style. It is relatively straightforward to put together. But it leaves room for your imagination to play as much as it can whether you use satin with lace, or you cover the cups with lace entirely. Click or tap thumbnail pictures to see them on a larger scale.

The shorter pieces of the cups are not lined, while the sling is. Although pictured is a bra with non-stretch lace trim, I strongly advise you to choose a stretchy one, especially if you’re shallower on top. The cup fabric is intended for non-stretch. And you know what? The bra in the pictures is actually made from woven satin fabric, not a knitted one. So you know, with care, you can try it in woven fabric too.

The Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern Package 1 is available on Etsy as a digital product


Again, I spared no detail. The instructions are fully illustrated in a lot of small and easy steps. It might seem overwhelming when you open the Construction Guide. Once you start sewing you’ll see how much the details help you sew your own bra.
If you’re a beginner at lingerie sewing, know that my thoughts went to you when I sat days drafting all of those.


Afi Exquisite Bra
  • The styles: yes, I know everyone wants, several styles in one pattern. But drafting the instructions for each style feels like a heroic act of a martyr :)) I certainly would get bored and would have never finished them. My decision was to have one style, and think about some tutorials or something for variations.
  • The bra I made: please know this bra took two days to make. Of course, it has to be perfect. And it is! I love it.
  • The size of the pictured bra: it is an EU 70C, UK 32C, US 32C.
  • Testing: yes the bra was tested; narrow shoulders proved problematic; larger sizes need the cups to be lined and of very stable fabric.
  • The next size packages: I want to release them too, but it takes time.

The Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern Package 1 is available on Etsy as a digital product

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  1. I see the straps are very close to the shoulder point / arm point. I have trouble keeping straps from falling off my shoulders – I’m reluctant to buy your pattern for this reason. Please let me know what you think. Thank you

    • Hello, and thank you for your comment. You are right to be concerned about the Afi Exquisite, there’s even a warning about this in the pattern details. Instead I can recommend the Afi Elegance bra pattern, although the style is different, it is a very solid base block for a plethora of designs and it was designed specifically to overcome the falling-strap issue.

  2. Thank you! The Exquisite is my favourite bra, made of woven cotton! Your sizes is spot on, and all I had to do, was to adjust the upper cup area to fit my breast shape. It gives a beautiful rounded profile, even with my aged larger boobs.
    But, while trying to sort out my patterns, I printed the instructions to add to flipfiles. Every time page 4, 9, 27 & 37 just print blank pages.

    • Can you please get in touch via Etsy direct messaging? Or via the Contact form on the Contact page. Happy to help you

    • Thank you! Do you mean for the back closure? Of course. In fact, some sizes I will be releasing next will use the three rows hooks.

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