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Package 2 sizes for the Afi Exquisite Pattern – Now available!

Starting today you can find in my Etsy shop a separate listing for package 2 of sizes for the Afi Exquisite bra pattern. It is now available having the same bands as in package 1, but 4 new cups. Please take your time to read the full article to know the changes and possible issues.

Package 2 for Afi Exquisite

The Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern Package 2 is available on Etsy as a digital product


This release is for the larger cup sizes for the core bands. We call it Package 2 Sizes. And the included sizes with it are:

  • EU 60-85 E-I
  • UK 28-38 DD-G
  • US 28-38 E-I

These sizes work with our Bra Size Calculator which calculates your size based on the measurements. See the calculators page for more info. Always use the calculator to determine your size for our patterns! Although our sizes should match most of the RTW sizing, do not rely on your good known RTW (Ready To Wear size) from lingerie stores or other patterns. Measure yourself, fill in the calculator form, and know your size for OUR patterns.

Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern - Package 2

What’s different

and important

Please know, that what works for the smaller cups, may not work for larger cups. There are some things that had to be changed for larger cups. These changes directly affect the design and as a result, it may not look 100% as for the smaller cups. Below are a few things that are changed for the larger cup sizes.

  • Strap position – The straps in the cups moved a bit towards the center front. Not much, but they did. Yes, it’s true that most support comes from the band. But the straps influence the direction of the cups. This change was necessary. What the heck, some of you might even say I should have moved them even more!
  • Neckline height – With bigger breasts, the cups have to cover more. Plus, due to the variety of aureole’s positions (some have them high), the neckline is slightly higher. Again, I am thinking some of you might say the aureola is visible still. As an easy fix, you could use a wider lace and let the lace go beyond the edge of the neckline.
  • Neckline shape – If you’re shallow on the top part of the breasts, you might find the neckline too loose. You could either add (behind the lace) or finish the neckline with good plush elastic. Or you can adjust that center seam.
  • Other – Minor things are changed too. For instance required notions, like elastics and the bra closure.


There are so many body and breast shapes and a pattern simply can’t help every single one. This is why I always, but always recommend, when you try a new pattern, first sew a test cup from plain cotton. Apply the cup onto your breast (or if you have a fitting band). See if it is cut too deep for you. Or if it might be too loose. A test cup can’t tell you about the support, but it helps you tremendously in identifying visible issues.

Fit notes

  • If you have narrow or sloped shoulders, this design might prove problematic because of the still wide position of the straps. Be cautious! And I apologize for upfront if this is not for you.
  • Larger cups need better support. Although the instructions do not cover this step, I strongly advocate that the cups be fully lined. One of the fabrics (whether it’s the main fabric, or the lining) should be from a very stable fabric. Making this only from stretch fabric will NOT work.
  • If you expect this bra to be a wow-pushup, please know in advance it’s not that kind of bra. Pushup bras have the bottom part of the cup very flatten, to … you know, push the breasts up. The Afi Exquisite is designed with some room in the lower part. This offers two things: fuller on bottom ladies to wear it and when wearing the bra, to feel comfortable.

The Afi Exquisite Bra Pattern Package 2 is available on Etsy as a digital product

Apart from all those notes, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the people who bought my patterns. There are some ladies who left reviews for my Afi Chic and this new pattern. I was so surprised, I admit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I also want to thank those who share(d) the pattern news and commented on social media/blogs.

Thank you for your support!

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