Hello, my name is Ana. All my free time I tailor, design patterns, sew or/and machine knit.

About me

I love to sew & knit as long as I can remember. I design my own clothes from scratch: draw pattern, cut and sew. I have successfully made clothes for other people too, but I quit that business. Instead I plan to make standard and custom size patterns.

My old blog

AFI started as a Romanian blog. In 2015 I began writing in two languages. In 2016 international blog has moved here. The Romanian version of the blog remains at my old address.

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About my assistance

Sewing job is always fun having a cat around. Mine is named Izi.

afi atelier

Get in touch

I love hearing from my readers! Find me on social media. If you have a question, or a suggestion, or just want to drop me a line, feel free to get in touch.

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