• This is a commercial PDF sewing pattern for a day wear bra. Available paper format: A4 or Letter
  • This is a premium sewing bra pattern. It has truly detailed instructions which are accompanied with LOTS of colored and well-designed illustrations (not photos)
  • The bra uses underwires and features two vertical seams cup, a full cup and frame, and a leotard back
  • The bra is designed for comfort and support while having a chic aesthetic
  • The pattern includes 3 styles. Each style has full and very detailed construction guide, from bra terminology to supplies and the sewing step by step guide

Terms of use

There are separate pattern packages to allow:


Use our Bra Size Calculator to determine your bra and wire size. The calculator also says if your size is covered by the Afi Chic bra pattern.

One package – Package 1 – of sizes is available for this pattern at this moment.

Package 1:

  • EU Bands: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 Cups: A, B, C, D, E
  • UK Bands: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 Cups: A, B, C, D, DD
  • US Bands: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 Cups: A, B, C, D, E

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After you purchase the pattern, please download, open, and print the PDF files from a laptop or a computer. By purchasing this pattern you agree to our terms of use for this pattern

Sorry, this package is NOT available yet

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Style 1

This is the simplest style. The style features lined cups and hidden seams for the cups and the band. The back band has two powermesh layers. Read about style 1 in detail here.

Style 2

This style features covered foam cups with hidden neckline seam. The bra is decorated with scalloped lace pieces for the cup and the band

Style 3

This style has foam cups covered with scalloped lace. The cradle features asymmetrical lace decoration. Foam and side seams are enclosed with satin stripes

Afi Chic ©Afi Atelier 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Requirements for this pattern

  • Sewing skills

    Intermediate sewer; but with patience and the help of very detailed instructions, a confidant beginner can try leveling up her/his skills

  • Adobe Reader application

    Latest Adobe Reader application to open and print the PDF

  • Unzipping .zip archives application

    There are several files grouped in three zip archives. You will need an application to unzip and extract the PDF files


Supply list:

  • is provided for each style in the construction guides
  • acceptable wire shapes: regular wire with a high front, vertical underwire, strapless underwire

When printing, cutting, and assembling the pattern, NO taping is needed! Pieces fit entirely.

This pattern is thought and designed for both beginners and experienced sewers.

  • It will help beginners understand bra terms and construction steps
  • It will offer an encyclopedia of inspiration for sewing techniques

What sets this pattern apart

  • it has all the pieces, even for the tiny curvy lace decorations
  • it’s not just a pattern, it teaches various construction techniques
  • afraid you’ll lose illustration details if printed in black and white? no need! the pattern was designed to be printed either in color, or black and white
  • the cup is designed for very easy alterations (easier to chop off than to figure out where and how to add)
  • afraid of sewing curves? no need! this cup has the easiest curves to sew
  • unique band shape designed for optimal support

Development for the next size packages is postponed for the moment. No certain answer can be given.

If you’re printing the pattern pieces, please print your size only. If you’re printing the construction guide, due to the fact that the file is full of images, the printer may not be able to print all at once. Try printing in batches, like 10 pages each time.

The Afi Chic bra is designed to use underwires. I have not tested the shape and fit without them and thus, can’t recommend making this bra without them.

Yes. Style 1 is designed for no foam. To compensate, this style calls for stable fabric either for the main layer, or for the lining.

No. The terms forbid any commercial usage. A workshop is a commercial activity.

Please note that due to the increasing number of scammers, to protect ourselves to some degree, the file allows reading and printing access only. Translation tools require editing access. If you’re worried about sewing the bra, there’s no need! All the steps have illustrations and you will be able to sew the bra.

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