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Please visit this page for a detailed guide on how to set the printer settings and print our PDF patterns correctly.

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Are you printing the entire document? In case you need just one size, find the pages with your size only and print those.
If you want to print the whole document, try printing in batches. Send to printer 5-10 pages, wait for those to print, then select and print the next ones and so on.
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It depends on what activities you are going to use our patterns for. We provide 2 types of license for our pattern. Please read details about license types on our Terms of Use page.

Bra Sizing and Calculator

Please visit this page for all the information you need on how to take the measurements and how to determine your bra pattern size.

As of 2020 we have a bra size calculator that outputs your size based on the measurements you type in. Please visit this page for information on taking the measurements and using the calculator. The determined size should be a starting point for you.

Our sizing systems are listed at the bottom of the page here. Please do not compare our sizes with the sizes from other designers. The sizes should be close to many RWT (Ready To Wear) sizes. But please note RTWs are also very different. There is no standard to date for bra sizing. If however you are almost certain the bra calculator determined a wrong size, we appreciate if you’d get in touch and drop us your measurements. This will help us refine the calculator.

For the moment we work with a determined set of bra sizes. At this point we are not able to say if we are going to expand the area. However please check in regularly to see updates on this subject.

Please use the calculator from a computer or a laptop. Please open the page with the size calculator from a browser application like Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Do not open the page with the calculator from a mobile application like Facebook or Instagram etc.
If you’re using an old Mac OS computer, the Safari won’t be able to print the result. You can install the Chrome browser and access the page using Chrome.

Please know, bra sizing is a complicated chapter because it is based on at least 3 things: measurements, shape and tissue stiffness. Our Calculator takes into account the measurements but not the others. While a real made bra takes into account everything. And this means, if you’ve found and made a good fitting Maya bra, than go with the Maya size. All our bra patterns try to keep the same volume across the same cup sizes.

Sharing and Collaboration

You can share at most one picture and only with a link back to the source. This means a link back to our website. Please give explicit credit to where you got the picture from. Otherwise sharing any images from our website is strictly prohibited. Sharing any of our content without our consent is strictly prohibited. Please get in touch if you want to share more images or some of our content.

Please get in touch to discuss terms.

You can get in touch but please note I tend to decline any custom work whether it’s a designer task or a pattern grader. Please do not be disappointed with my answer. Due to personal reasons, I simply do not have enough time to accomplish everything I set my mind to do.

At this point we do not take commissions. Our mission is to help others discover the wonderful world of making their garments whether it’s a dress or a lingerie item.

Hourglass Dress

Please visit this page for all the information you need on how to measure to determine your pattern size.

Please visit this page for a helpful guide on how to choose your right size.